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The 5 Steps to Obtain a Real Estate License

1.       Complete the 48-Hour Pre-Exam Course

·        This course is completed prior to taking the Missouri Real Estate Licensing Exam at the PSI testing center. Choose from In-Class Day, Evening Hybrid or Home Study (with printed books & materials) versions of the course. Registration is available HERE.

·        Receive a certificate of completion after passing the final or end of course test.

·        The sole purpose of the Pre-Exam Course is to prepare the student to pass the Missouri Real Estate Licensing Exam at the PSI testing center.


2.       Take and pass the Missouri Real Estate Licensing Exam through PSI Testing Center

·       We recommend that you take the PSI licensing exam within 10-days of completing the 48-Hour Pre-Exam course. (Statistically, the longer you wait the less likely you are to pass.)

·        You will need to pass both the National and State portions of the exam.

·        Information about the licensing exam can be found at the PSI website (click on "Candidates").

 3.       Complete the 24-Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice (MREP) Course

·        This is a reading course, completed as home study (with a printed book) AFTER passing the 48-Hour Pre-Exam Course.

·        We recommend that you complete this course after passing the licensing exam at PSI.

·        Receive a certificate of completion after passing the 24-Hour MREP online end-of-course test.


4.       Have Fingerprinting & Background Check Completed by a State Approved Vendor

·        Fingerprinting and a federal criminal history background check must be completed by a state approved vendor in order to obtain a real estate license in Missouri.

·        See further down this page for more information about the fingerprinting and background check requirement, or contact the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC) at (573) 751-2628.


5.       Apply for Your Missouri Salesperson’s Real Estate License

·        The broker that you have selected to work with will sign your license application and send it to the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC).

·        Your license application MUST be submitted and received by the MREC prior to the 6-month expiration date of your 48-Hour Pre-Exam course certificate of completion. Applications received after the expiration date will be denied by the MREC. Your expiration date will be printed on the bottom of your 48-Hour Pre-Exam certificate.

·        Once your application is processed and accepted, the MREC will send your license to be held by your selected broker.



Pre-License “CBG Value Package” 

Our “CBG Value Package” offers both courses you need to take
for your Missouri real estate salesperson’s license at a single discounted price, saving $99.     

The Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC) requires 2 pre-license courses:

                Course #1:   48-Hour Pre-Exam Course…………………………………..regular price  $375
                 Course #2:   24-Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course…….….…. regular price  $199
      Total for CBG Value Package (You save $99)*:...……......................…….……..………..      $475*

  *All CBG Value Packages are priced the same for In-Class Day, Evening Hybrid or Home Study.

How to Register for a CBG Value Package:
Click HERE and choose a CBG Value Package for In-Class Day, Evening Hybrid or Home Study (Book & Binder).


In-Class Day, Evening Hybrid or Home Study 

48-Hour Pre-Exam – In-Class Day:
The Pre-Exam IN-CLASS DAY classes meet in a traditional classroom setting and run seven weekdays (Monday through Friday, and then the following Monday & Tuesday) from 9:00am until 4:30pm. The state required 48 hours of the course are spent in the classroom, although most students will spend an additional 15-20+ hours of study time outside of class.100% class time attendance is required for credit - No exceptions. Students must pass an in-class final test to pass the course. Students that do not pass the in-class final will be given additional home study time and then be required to pass an end of course test to receive a certificate of completion.   

48-Hour Pre-Exam – Evening Hybrid:
The Pre-Exam EVENING HYBRID course is called “hybrid” because it is half in-class and half home study... The instructor covers half of the course material in-class and then the students cover the rest of the material on their own at home with the textbook between classes. The home study portion of the course is completed using the course binder and handouts and is not completed online. The Evening Hybrid classes meet for eight evening sessions, twice a week (usually but not always Mondays and Thursdays) from 6:00pm until 10:00pm. Students must pass an end of course test to receive a certificate of completion. Students are allowed two attempts to pass the end of course test. 

48-Hour Pre-Exam – Home Study (with Printed Book & Binder): 
We also offer our Pre-Exam course as a self study at home course using a printed text book & binder -- This is not an online course. The home study course is completed at the student's own pace and an assigned instructor will be available via phone or email to answer questions. Home study students should plan to be disciplined in scheduling and completing their study time, and for statistically best results, we recommend completing the course in 30 days or less. Students must pass an end of course test to receive a certificate of completion. The test is taken online through a special assigned link. Students are allowed two attempts to pass the end of course test. Course materials are shipped via UPS Overnight and should arrive on your doorstep 2-4 days after completing registration. 

24-Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice (MREP) Course: 
For In-Class Day, Evening Hybrid, and Home Study Pre-Exam students the 24-Hour MREP course will be completed as a home study reading course with a printed book. We have found that students find the home study format engaging and manageable. The course materials will be handed out on the last day of the 48-Hour Pre-Exam classes, or for Home Study Pre-Exam students the 24-Hour MREP course will be shipped after registration along with their 48-Hour Pre-Exam course binder. Students must pass an end of course exam to receive a certificate of completion. This exam is completed online for all students.

 What Does it Cost to Get a Real Estate License? 

Many people ask what the costs are to obtain a real estate license – You should expect the following fees:

CBG Value Package (48-hr & 24-hr Courses)


PSI Licensing Exam


Fingerprinting & Background Check (state required)


Missouri License Application Fee


Total to Obtain a Missouri Salesperson’s Real Estate License:


*Please note that these fees may change without notice. Contact the MREC for the most current and up to date information.

Once you obtain your license additional fees, insurance and real estate board memberships dues may be required. We recommend that you speak to the broker with which you are planning to affiliate (work with) to discuss fees you might incur after you obtain your license.

Fingerprinting & Background Check Requirement

As a condition of licensure, all new real estate license applicants are required to have their fingerprints taken for both a Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) fingerprint background check. We recommend waiting to get your fingerprinting done AFTER you have passed the PSI licensing exam but before you apply for your license. 

Fingerprinting is performed through the Missouri State Highway Patrol's approved vendor IDEMIA. To be fingerprinted, you must first register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History site (MACHS) at or by calling (844) 543-9712. (You will need to provide the Missouri Real Estate Commission's four-digit registration number 0004 in order to schedule an appointment.) 

For more information about the fingerprinting/background check requirement see the Missouri Real Estate Commission's Fingerprinting FAQs HERE or the MREC's Information About Criminal Convictions HEREIf you have other questions regarding the required fingerprinting and background check, we recommend that you contact the Missouri Real Estate Commission at (573) 751-2628 or

Finding a Broker to Affiliate With

As a real estate salesperson, you are required to work under the supervision of a broker. This is called "affiliating" with a broker and this broker will hold your real estate license. Finding a broker to work with is very different than finding a traditional job. Instead of applying with a broker and waiting to hear whether they would like to hire you or not, it is just the opposite -- Most brokers are currently looking for new agents. Basically, once you have passed the licensing test, most brokers will be excited to work with you. So, YOU get to choose which broker you would like to affiliate with and think would be the best match for your personality, style, and training/support needs. 

FREE BROKER INTERVIEW TOOLS: Deciding on a broker to affiliate with (work with) can be overwhelming -- Different companies offer different commission splits, agent support, marketing support, training/workshops, etc. Knowing what questions to ask in an interview can be crucial to making the best decision. To help, we have developed interview tools including a list of 20-questions to ask and a list of important things to consider. To download these tools, click on the links below. 

"20 Questions to Ask a Broker/Manager"* -- Download HERE
"Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Broker"* -- Download HERE

* These materials are not intended to recruit, induce, encourage, or solicit licensees for membership or affiliation with any organization, nor are they meant to advertise the merits of any organization. We encourage licensees and licensee candidates to carefully interview and compare brokers before making their own decision on an organization with which to affiliate.   

Do I Have to Work for Coldwell Banker Gundaker
If I Attend the Coldwell Banker Gundaker School?

No... Students that attend our school are not required to affiliate (work with) the Coldwell Banker Gundaker real estate company after they obtain their license. Nor does the CBG School of Real Estate attempt to recruit our students. We recommend that our students make their own decision with whom to affiliate. Many of Coldwell Banker Gundaker's competitor brokers send their recruits to our school because they trust our program and know their recruits will be in good hands. 

Missouri License for Agents Licensed in Another State

If you currently hold a real estate license in another state and would like to obtain a license in the state of Missouri, we recommend that you contact the Missouri Real Estate Commission at (573) 751-2628 for details on the licensing requirements for your situation. To obtain your Missouri license, you will likely need to pass the STATE portion of the licensing exam at the PSI testing center, complete the 24-Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice (MREP) course, and complete a fingerprinting/background check for a Missouri and federal criminal history. You will also need a written license certification (no more than three months old) from the real estate commission of the state from where you are applying. 

24-Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice (MREP) Course:  
The 24-Hour MREP course is offered as a home study course with printed book (with a printed book), which may be purchased by itself, or as a package with our Missouri State Pre-Exam Study Packet (see below). The Missouri Real Estate Commission requires that home study students pass an end of course test in order to receive a certificate of completion. The book for this course will be shipped via UPS within 2-3 business days of purchase. This course does not enhance your ability to pass the state licensing exam -- We recommend purchasing the Missouri State Pre-Exam STUDY PACKET to prepare for the exam.

Missouri State Pre-Exam STUDY PACKET:  
The Coldwell Banker Gundaker School of Real Estate offers an exclusive Missouri Pre-Exam Study Packet designed for students who already have a real estate salesperson’s license in another state and need to pass the STATE only portion of the licensing exam. This optional packet is for study purposes only and is NOT for credit towards obtaining a license. Included in the binder are the study notes and sample questions, math tutorial videos, a sample test of 53-questions, and audio reviewing the sample test. The binder for this packet will be shipped via UPS within 2-3 business days of purchase. 

To Purchase:  
24-Hour MREP Course PLUS the Missouri State Pre-Exam Study Binder Packet: 
$248 – Register HERE  
24-Hour MREP Home Study Course (Does not include the MO State Study Packet): $199 – Register HERE   
Missouri State Pre-Exam Study Packet (Does not include the 24-Hr MREP course): $49 – Register 


Weather Information

Registered students will be contacted by email if classes are postponed or cancelled due to the weather. Generally, if the Parkway School District is closed due to weather, we are closed as well. However, there may be exceptions... Check your email for details. 

 Need Help?

At any time, if you have questions or need information, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We are here and happy to help. Contact us HERE or call us at (314) 298-5081 extension 4. Please keep in mind that we are often in classes or working with students and instructors and unable to receive or return phone calls -- You may receive a quicker response through email. To email Contact us HERE

Visiting Our Office: Because we are often conducting classes, visitors are seen by appointment only. Please call us at (314) 298-5081 extension 4 to make an appointment to speak with our staff in person. Class registrations are not taken in person - Please go HERE to register for classes.

Student Assistance:  If you are a current student seeking assistance from an instructor, you may contact your class instructor at the phone number or email address listed in the Introduction section of your binder OR contact us HERE or at (314) 298-5081 extension 4. 



No refunds, cancellations or transfers less than 72-hours prior to the start of class. For home study courses, no refunds will be given once the course materials have been shipped. 

·        Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of class and take weather and traffic into consideration. No-shows or late-arrivals will be assessed a $50 fee and transferred to Home Study courses. Transfer to a future In-Class Day or Evening Hybrid session requires a $50 transfer fee and approval from the school coordinator. Home Study students may be transferred to in-class courses for no extra charge if the transfer occurs within 14 days of course purchase. 

·        Incomplete courses expire 6-months from purchase date.

      Class certificates must be issued with your legal first and last name as it appears on your legal ID. If you have registered for a course using a nick-name or any name other than your legal name, please contact us HERE so that we can update your registration.

·       Pre-Exam Classroom Location: Coldwell Banker School of Real Estate, 2458 Old Dorsett Rd, Maryland Heights, MO 63043



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Good luck with your studies!

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